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"Ronna has the most incredible design eye! She has enabled us to communicate the feeling and tone behind our company to website visitors, something I didn't think was possible without human personal interaction. Because people are so struck by the design of our site, Ronna has literally made our online business viable."

Ryan MacDonnell
General Partner, Round Pond Estate
Rutherford, Napa Valley, California


"As managing partner of Digital Talent Agency, I had the opportunity to recommend and place the most talented online and traditionally-trained creative talent.

Whenever a client was in need of a top art director or a graphic designer to handle their identity systems, logo design, and site design, Ronna was always the first person we turned to.

Professional, efficient, and versatile, she understood the client's needs and delivered creative solutions that usually surpassed their expectations while staying within their targeted budget.

When the time came to design and execute the logo, marketing collateral, and identity systems for my two companies, we selected Ronna over many other established artists in our portfolio, and she nailed it."

Steve Kirsh
Co-founder, bSource.com and Digital Talent Agency
San Francisco, California


"Ronna does superb work. I just don't have enough good things to say about her. She worked on a number of different projects for us, and she always gave excellent service. Her design was consistently topnotch, and she completed what we were after in incredibly ridiculous deadlines. So, as I say, I have not enough good things to say about Ronna. She produces really good design, and she does it quickly."

Paul Despins
Vice President
Headland Digital Media
San Francisco, California


"Since 1993, it has been my great pleasure to know and work with Ronna Nelson. We have sailed in the Sea of Cortez, made our way across Africa and visited Zanzibar together. And we survived the exotic and dangerous world of advertising.

She is a highly qualified individual who is personally and professionally savvy, trustworthy and reliable. Her experience has been shaped by art, adventure, travel and decades of fearless moxy in the communication arts. I particularly appreciate her highly motivated sense of duty and complete and total responsibility.

On more than one occasion Ronna has delivered against critical deadlines. She knows how to perform under pressure with acute sensitivity to her surroundings. She has never let me down."

With Great Regard,

D. Marc Herring
CEO - Executive Producer
Herring Media Group Inc.
Connecticut, USA


"Ronna is an extremely talented designer. I've worked with her for over eight years, and we still do projects on and off together. Whenever I need a fresh concept, I turn to Ronna because of the unique freshness of her design.

I think part of her ability to think outside of the box and come up with fresh ideas comes from her social skills – her ability to draw out the solution from the client. Design is obviously not so much about the designer as it is the client. She's particularly skilled at intuitively conveying the client's subconscious desires.

We've only ever worked on wine related things, but wine is the biggest commodity in the world. There are ten thousand wine brands. It's a difficult, competitive market – much more so than other products. You have to define something in a unique way that both expresses quality and seduces the consumer. You get a grand total of three seconds to tell your story. Wine packaging is also an ostensibly very traditional format, and her ability to juxtapose traditional elements in a unique configuration is fascinating to me. She's come up with stuff I would never have come up with in my life – and it works!

She pairs a deep grounding and understanding for marketing and what works, with her social skills and intuitive talent for capturing the essence of an idea."

Jeffrey Caldewey
ICON Design Group
Package Designer & Brand Development
Napa Valley, California


"I've worked with Ronna for more than 20 years on book design projects and have always found her to be extremely creative.

She has a very special touch or feeling for the subject matter -– relating particularly to wine – and provides a design that has broad appeal and immediate impact.

Most recently, she designed the cover for a book called Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Winemakers. Her design was absolutely brilliant. Both the printer and the author were very impressed. We constantly get very positive comments about the cover design of that book, and I'm sure it's contributing to its current successful sales.

Ronna has a special touch for creating a design that has broad appeal and immediate impact."

Elliott Mackey
Publisher, Wine Appreciation Guild
San Francisco, California


"I've been working with Ronna since 1996. At Visible Interactive, she created our collateral and marketing materials. Since then, she's done the look and feel, and Web sites for DTA, Bsource, and ProviSoft. The fact that I've gone back to her repeatedly to do more work is a testament to my regard for her – I think she's fantastic. She's very professional, extremely creative, and works very well within tight time and budget constraints. She's extremely client focused and gets work done when she says she's going to."

Roland Deal
Founder, ProviSoft
San Francisco, California


"Ronna delivers on the expectations she sets, which is always important when you're dealing with work that's time sensitive and urgent. I think she's great all around."

Michael Olch
Wrecking Ball
San Francisco, California


"I just have to tell you that I just love Wilson Daniels website. I've had to help a few of the newer reps get some fact sheets together and life was simple using your website. It all made sense; it was organized the way I expect to look and then actually find what I'm looking for! Unbelievable! Again, just fabulous. I love it!"

Connie Ornellas
Martin Scott Wines, Ltd.
Lake Success, New York 11042


"I just spoke with a very highly regarded distributor in CA who I am courting for Radio-Coteau. He mentioned several times how nice the website was – clean design, focused, smart navigation and very well written. Now he needs to taste....thanks for setting the stage."


Eric Sussman, Radio-Coteau
Forestville, California


"Ronna Nelson did a great job on a tight budget. And after talking with me and reviewing my products she designed a very professional, very attractive website."

Mark Tukman
Tukman Geospatial
Santa Rosa, California